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The Chiang Mai climate is tropical but the weather in Chiang Mai is a little cooler and less humid than in other parts of Thailand. Three distinct seasons define the weather in Chiang Mai, the Wet Season, the Cold Season and the Hot Season. These seasonal changes in the Chiang Mai climate are usually gradual rather than sudden and dramatic. Our graphs below give the current weather conditions in Chiang Mai together with a weather forecast for the following few days and also show Chiang Mai Climate information.

Chiang Mai Weather

Wet Season:

The South West monsoons arrive usually in late May and last through until October bringing hot, 21°-34°C, 75-86% humidity with variable amounts of rainfall (September is wettest). Some years it rains almost daily yet in other years it can be particularly dry. Even if it does rain daily, the rain rarely lasts for more than a few hours so visitors should not be put off visiting during this period.

Cold Season:

November through to late February is a particularly good time to visit Chiang Mai when it experiences the Cold Season with temperatures ranging from 13°-30°C, 67-81% humidity and the driest months of the year. Visitors need to be aware that temperatures can fall considerably in the evenings and through the night so remember to bring a light sweater.

Hot Season:

March to mid-May is the Hot Season with temperatures ranging from 16°-36°C, 60-75% humidity with rainfall beginning to rise once again. It comes as no surprise that the water festival of Songkran occurs during this season and helps cool us down from April’s searing heat.

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