The Bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is the most popular way to travel for both Thais and Foreigners. Buses to Bangkok depart from the Arcade Bus Terminal in Chiang Mai. There are many different Bus Operators on the popular Chiang Mai – Bangkok route and we have included Timetables and Fares for three of the most popular carriers.

Travel to Bangkok by bus takes about 10 hours and is a reasonably safe and comfortable way to travel. Many operators off VIP buses with reclining seats and air conditioning. Bus service from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is fairly frequent with buses almost hourly from 7:30am until 11pm.

Chiang Mai Bus Station

Nakhonchai Air

Chiang Mai Office: 053 262799 Call Centre: 02 9360009 (Tickets may be purchased up to 30 days in advance. Tickets available from Bus Station)


Chiang MaiBangkok09:0018:30Gold 32 Seat605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok10:3020:00First 21 Seat806.00
Chiang MaiBangkok12:0021:30Gold 32 Seat605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok19:0004:30Gold 32 Seat605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok19:3005:00Gold 32 Seat605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok20:0005:30Gold 32 Seat605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok20:3006:00Gold 32 Seat605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok21:0006:30Gold 32 Seat605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok21:1506:45Gold 32 Seat605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok21:2006:50First 21 Seat806.00
Chiang MaiBangkok21:3007:00Gold 32 Seat605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok21:4507:15Gold 32 Seat605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok22:0007:30Gold 32 Seat605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok22:2007:50First 21 Seat806.00
Chiang MaiBangkok23:0008:30Gold 32 Seat605.00

Sombat Tour

Chiang Mai Office: 053 304153-5 Call Centre: 02-7921444 (Tickets may be purchased up to 30 days in advance. Tickets available from Bus Station or Travel Agents)


Chiang MaiBangkok07:3017:00VIP605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok08:0017:30Air518.00
Chiang MaiBangkok09:0018:30Air518.00
Chiang MaiBangkok10:0019:30Sleeper806.00
Chiang MaiBangkok13:3023:00Air518.00
Chiang MaiBangkok17:3003:00Air518.00
Chiang MaiBangkok18:3004:30Air518.00
Chiang MaiBangkok19:0004:30Air518.00
Chiang MaiBangkok19:1504:15VIP605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok19:3005:00Air518.00
Chiang MaiBangkok20:0005:30Air518.00
Chiang MaiBangkok20:15**05:45VIP605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok20:3006:00Air518.00
Chiang MaiBangkok21:0006:30Air518.00
Chiang MaiBangkok21:1506:45VIP605.00
Chiang MaiBangkok21:3007:00Air518.00
Chiang MaiBangkok21:3507:05Sleeper806.00

** Friday and Sunday Bus is Female only

The Transport Company

Call Centre: 02 9362841-48 Ext. 442, 311 Telephone Booking: 02 9362841 Ext. 614, 325 (Tickets may be purchased up to 60 days in advance. Tickets available at Bus Station or Thai Ticket Master)


Chiang MaiBangkok09:0018:30VIP 32 Seat S/D806.00
Chiang MaiBangkok09:0020:00Air 55 Seat D/D 403.00
Chiang MaiBangkok11:3022:30Air 55 Seat D/D403.00
Chiang MaiBangkok14:0001:00Air 55 Seat D/D403:00
Chiang MaiBangkok16:0003:00Air 55 Seat D/D403.00
Chiang MaiBangkok18:0005:00Air 55 Seat D/D403.00
Chiang MaiBangkok20:0005:30VIP 32 Seat S/D806.00
Chiang MaiBangkok20:0005:30Air 50 Seat D/D518.00
Chiang MaiBangkok20:0007:00Air 55 Seat D/D403.00
Chiang MaiBangkok20:3006:00Air 40 Seat S/D518.00
Chiang MaiBangkok21:0006:30VIP 32 Seat S/D806.00
Chiang MaiBangkok21:0008:00Air 55 Seat D/D403.00

Flights from Chiang Mai

Train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

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