Bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok - Timetables - Fares

The Bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is the most popular way to travel for both Thais and Foreigners. Buses to Bangkok depart from the Arcade Bus Terminal in Chiang Mai. There are many different Bus Operators on the popular Chiang Mai – Bangkok route and we have included Timetables and Fares for three of [Read More…]

Bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai - Timetables - Fares

Many Thai people as well as Foreigners prefer to travel by Bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, with a traveling time of about 10 hours, somewhat faster than the Train. The Bangkok to Chiang Mai route is highly competitive and we give the Timetables and Fares for three of the most popular carriers. Most buses [Read More…]

Train From Chiang Mai to Bangkok - Rail Timetables and Fares

The train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is safe, convenient and comfortable especially if traveling on an overnight Sleeper, and only a little more expensive than the Bus. Our Rail Timetables and Fares listed below were current at 01/04/2011. Unfortunately, the State Railway of Thailand who operate Thailand’s rail system, currently have no online booking [Read More…]

Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai - Rail Timetables and Fares

The train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai takes approximately 12 hours but is a safe and convenient way to travel to Chiang Mai. Whilst the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is more expensive than travelling by bus, the safety, comfort and convenience of the train more than compensates. Whilst budget flights to Chiang Mai [Read More…]

Tuk Tuk - Chiang Mai Transport

The Tuk Tuk is the second most popular method of Chiang Mai transport after the Songthaew. The Tuk Tuk is a motorized three wheeled vehicle or Trishaw which gets its name from the sound of its engine. The Tuk Tuk can accommodate 3 people, 4 is a bit of a squeeze but there would be [Read More…]

Taxi Meter - Chiang Mai - Fare Price

An article in The Nation by Ekkapong Praditpong caught our eye. A Norwegian tourist has complained that Chiang Mai’s Taxi Meter drivers are are taking advantage of foreign visitors and tarnishing the city’s image by refusing to use the meter and quoting a high fixed fare price. Chiang Mai Transport Office director Nanthapong Cherdchu, suggested [Read More…]

Songthaew - Baht Bus - Chiang Mai Transport

A Songthaew or Baht Bus or Seelor is one of the most convenient ways of traveling around in Chiang Mai. The Songthaew is also one of the cheapest methods of Chiang Mai transport. A Songthaew is simply a converted pick-up truck with 2 rows of seats in the back. A Songthaew has a roof but [Read More…]

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