Sak Yant Chiang Mai - Tao Reuan - Turtle Tattoo

The Sak Yant design Tao Reuan or Turtle tattoo is well known throughout Thailand where it is believed that the Lord Buddha, in a previous incarnation, was born as a turtle. Among the many stories concerning the Buddha’s life as a turtle, is one that describes that after a period of meditation, the turtle grew [Read More…]

Toy Ride - A Toy Story

The Annual Chiang Mai Charity Toy Ride is a heartwarming Toy Story. The aim of the Toy Ride is to help needy children in Chiang Mai by collecting donations and Toys to give to the children. The 2011 Chiang Mai Toy Ride took place on Saturday 18th February and over 200 Bikers complete with their [Read More…]

Monk Chat with Buddhist Monks

Chiang Mai has several Monk Chat programmes which give foreigners one of the few opportunities to speak in English, and occasionally some other language, with Buddhist Monks. At the Monk Chat sessions people from different cultures and religions can chat with Buddhist Monks and novices in an informal atmosphere about any subject they wish. It [Read More…]

Gay Chiang Mai - Gay Bars

Although Gay Chiang Mai cannot compare to Pattaya or Phuket and Bangkok, there are quite a number of Gay Bars in Chiang Mai. Whilst some of the “Gay Landmark” bars have recently closed there are still several show bars, some with quite raunchy shows and a large number of young men working as escorts. The [Read More…]

Sak Yant - Chiang Mai - Pho Gae Ruesi

A Sak Yant is a Buddhist tattoo with magical powers of protection. These mystical spells are granted to the recipient by a Buddhist Monk or Brahmin Priest. Many of the Yants incorporate sacred Mantras or Kathas, mostly in the ancient Khmer language known as Khom which will grant the receiver special powers. In Thailand, Buddhist [Read More…]

Sak Yant - Chiang Mai - Buddhist Tattoo

Many visitors who come to Chiang Mai would like to receive a traditional Sak Yant Tattoo, the Sacred or Buddhist Tattoo, from a practicing Buddhist Monk. We are frequently asked for additional information regarding Sak Yant in Chiang Mai but whilst we try do our best to help whenever possible, the sheer volume of E-mails [Read More…]

Meditation in Chiang Mai - Buddhist Meditation Centers

There has been a growing worldwide interest in Meditation and for those looking to practice Meditation in Chiang Mai there are several Buddhist Meditation Centers suitable for foreigners. Chiang Mai has become one of the main centers in Thailand for Buddhist Meditation. One of the essentials for Meditation practice is peace and quiet, and Chiang [Read More…]

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