Many visitors who come to Chiang Mai would like to receive a traditional Sak Yant Tattoo, the Sacred or Buddhist Tattoo, from a practicing Buddhist Monk. We are frequently asked for additional information regarding Sak Yant in Chiang Mai but whilst we try do our best to help whenever possible, the sheer volume of E-mails we receive can at times be overwhelming.

Whilst there are many ordinary tattoo studios in Chiang Mai there are very few Buddhist Monks offering Sak Yant to foreigners. These Monks usually work in small, hard to find Temples located well outside of the City. For visitors with limited time, making suitable travel arrangements can be difficult. For those visitors who do not speak Thai, the whole experience can be daunting and bewildering as there will not normally be anyone at these Temples who can speak a single word of English. Choosing a suitable Yant design without understanding its meaning, or trying to ask the Monk to choose something suitable without being able to communicate your reasons for having a Sak Yant is not very satisfactory. If appointments are not made in advance, there may be lengthy queues or you may even discover when you get there that the Monk is not available. For these reasons it is always better to have someone who can speak Thai to go with you.

Sak Yant Service

Sak Yant Service

Phra Ajarn Dton Tanawiiro will perform Sak Yant and give his blessings to both males and females but females are required to wear suitable modest clothing and to bring something that can be used to “cover up”

Phra Ajarn Dton Tanawiiro was taught at Wat Bang Phra in Nakorn Pathom by Luang Pho Dtern and has been doing Sak Yant work for 14 years. He carried out further studies in South Thailand at Wat Khao Awe in Pattalung studying Kathas and also the healing powers of Samoon Phai (herbs and roots used in traditional Thai Medicine)

See other Sak Yant designs from Chiang Mai

Sak Yant Service

Sak Yant Service

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24 Responses to “Sak Yant – Chiang Mai – Buddhist Tattoo”

  1. HI….could you please advise where Phra Ajarn Dton Tanawiiro is located. The name of the temple & area please…..and how do I book a time with him to do some Sak Yants on me.

    Many thanks

    Seann Herat

    • Hello Seann,
      Did you get the requested info? If you got it, can you please mail to me.

      Thank you very much!!

      • Phra Ajarn Dton can be contacted at

        Wat Tung Kiang
        Tambon. TungSatok
        Amphoe. San Patong
        Chiang Mai

        Tel: 084 6151770

        Kindly note that Ajarn Dton does not speak English so if you do not speak Thai you will have to ask a Thai to call for you. Also, unfortunately, he frequently does not answer his phone but keep trying.

  2. What does it cost to bet taken for a Sak Yant outside Chiang Mai?
    What is also the cost for a large on on my back like here

    Do you offer this service in November?

  3. Hello,

    Im traveling from Brazil and I am staying a few days in Chang Mai. It is very hard for us to come this far across the world, and I dont know when I would be able to come back. Could you please tell me how to get in touch with Phra Ajarn Dton Tanawiiro?

    Thank you in advance,
    Marco Monteiro

  4. Hi…..could you please advise the address for Phra Ajarn Dton Tanawiiro & if I’ll be able to make an appointment to see him in December. Ill be traveling all the way from Melbourne Australia so I need this information to make plans & find a guide to take me to see Phra Ajarn Dton Tanawiiro.

    Thank you

  5. Greetings I am a female that would like to get a sak yant while in chiang mai I will be there november 27th through Dec 5th 2011. the sak yant I am looking for is mainly protection I dont require anything too big. thank you in advance for yor response any any advice you might have.
    namaste kimie

  6. I am very interested in meeting with the practioner of this art and discussing the tattoo that I will need in life. I wish for protection and grace with a blessing of fortune be it in this life or the next. I am a very serious indidvidual and would like to know the location of the Wat so I could come and speak personally with him about what would be right for me. I await your response with much eagerness and I thank you for your time reading this email.
    P.S. My intentions are so serious that I can be there within a day since I am now residing in Chiang Mai and I am fighting at Kisat Busaba, one of the local Thaiboxing gyms, so it might be obvious why I need this shield of protection and power. Thank you again…

  7. Hi, can you please advise where can i contact a thai guide to assist me in make arrangement to meet up with Phra Archan Dton Tanawiiro as i wish to get another sak yant blessing from him.

    Looking forward to your reply soon.

  8. I too will be in Chaing Mai in a couple of days. How can I contact Ajarn Dton? I would like to try to have some Yantra done.

  9. Greetings,

    What are the ingredients of the ink the adjhaan uses ?


  10. I have been living in Northern Thailand the last ten years,and have recieved multiple sak yant from Phra Ajarn Dton.I would be happy to help people contact Phra Ajarn Dton and show them how to get to the temple.I do however ask that think before recieving the Yants as they are not fashion statements and must be respected,and certain rules followed .After recieving your yant ,to keep it working you must come back to have it recharged ,if not it will become powerless.Love and light.Mark

    • hi mark, i am planning to go there this coming april. and i wanted the Paed Tidt tattoo. is there a process on how to have an appointment with Phra Ajarn Dton? do you have a contact number if ever we will be there to assist us on getting the protection? thanks

    • Helo mark.
      I would like to get ask yang from ajarn dton, would it be possible to contact him, li live in chiang Mai at moment I have left my email

    • Hi mark. Looking to go to the temple . In chiang mai now. Could you give me information on how to get there please.

  11. how much does a tattoo cost?
    are the tools and inks sterilized?
    where do i find an interpreter?

  12. Hi. My name is Julia. I’m from Ukraine. I will in Chaing Mai in few days. How can I find Phra Agran Dton Tanawiiro? Also I don’t know Thai where can I find translator?

  13. helo
    I would like to get into contact with Phra Ajarn Dton Tanawiro, to get sak yant
    is there a way of contacting him or do go to temple any help appreciated
    kind regards doi

  14. We would love to contact this Arjan, but the phone number posted does not seem to be in working order. We had a Thai friend call, but they could not connect. Any advice or help anyone can offer would be appreciated.

  15. I am will be visiting Thailand soon and would like information on the best place to receive SAK YANT tattoo and blessing from a very sacred monk. Please advise me on how you can help me, what it cost both your fee and the tattoo and blessing. thank you.

  16. Hello,
    I also want a sak yant tattoo.
    Can someone help me with getting this tattoo?
    Im in chiang mai right now.


  17. I’ve been really involved with the sak yant subculture down in Bangkok for the last few years, and now moving to the north, am excited to be closer to the ajarns around Chiang Mai. Seeing as many of the roots of Sak Yant are from the Lanna Kingdom, it is really great to be close to much of the deeper beliefs found here!

  18. I’ve been really involved with the sak yant subculture down in Bangkok for the last few years, and now moving to the north, am excited to be closer to the ajarns around Chiang Mai. Seeing as many of the roots of Sak Yant are from the Lanna Kingdom, it is really great to be close to much of the deeper beliefs found here! 🙂

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