Places of Interest

There is certainly no shortage of places of interest in Chiang Mai. There are Parks & Gardens, National Parks, Museums, a Zoo, Aquarium, Hill Tribe Villages, Art Galleries, Elephant Camps, Waterfalls, Markets, Bazaars, Walking Streets, Trekking, Elephant Rides, Monkey Shows, Snake Shows, Orchid Farms, Butterfly Farms, the list is endless.

We will try to show you some of the most popular places of interest along with some places of interest not on the normal tourist map.

Patara Elephant Farm - Chiang Mai Attractions

Chiang Mai has always had a great affinity with the Elephant and many Elephant camps can be seen around Chiang Mai. Elephant camps are among the most popular of Chiang Mai attractions, but Patara Elephant Farm is very different from most. At Patara Elephant Farm you will not find rows of tour buses or any [Read More…]

Lost City of Wiang Kum Kam - Chiang Mai Attractions

Until 1984, Wiang Kum Kam was a lost city whose very existence had passed into the realms of legend. Buried under several meters of mud, Wiang Kum Kam became the forgotten underground city until some votive tablets were discovered at Wat Chang Kham which led to extensive archaeological studies resulting in the re-discovery of the [Read More…]

Thai Hill Tribes - Baan Tong Luang - Chiang Mai Attractions

Baan Tong Luang is a fabricated village containing 4 separate Thai Hill Tribes. The Thai Hill Tribes at Baan Tong Luang are the Lahu, Hmong, White Karen and the Long necked Karen, also known as Padong or Paduang. Baan Tong Luang is conveniently located just off the Maerim – Samoeng Road, an area containing many [Read More…]

Botanical Gardens - Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

The Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden in Chiang Mai is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the whole of Thailand. The location of the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, situated in the foothills of the Doi Suthep – Pui National Park, is simply stunning with the forest lined mountains providing the perfect background for botanical [Read More…]

King Cobra - Snake Show - Chiang Mai Attractions

Whilst the King Cobra is not the most poisonous snake in the World it is the World’s largest poisonous snake. Billed as ‘the most exciting snake show in the World’, the King Cobra snake show in Chiang Mai is certainly a popular attraction. To many people, even the name King Cobra, will send a shiver [Read More…]

Maerim Monkey School - Chiang Mai Attractions

The Maerim Monkey School was the first of its kind to be established in Chiang Mai and is today the largest Monkey School in the North of Thailand and is one of the most popular Chiang Mai Attractions. The playful, lovable and extremely skillful monkeys at the Maerim Monkey School are well cared for and [Read More…]

Siam Insect Zoo - Chiang Mai Attractions

Siam Insect Zoo is unique among the many Chiang Mai Attractions. Siam Insect Zoo was opened on the 1st October 2006 by the Ek-Amnuay family as a museum to display the results of 30 years of insect collecting. Siam Insect Zoo is not simply a museum but is actively involved in research and breeding of [Read More…]

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