Chiang Mai has more Festivals than any other city in Thailand and in Chiang Mai Festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm by both young and old. Some of the Festivals in Chiang Mai are National but many, like the Umbrella Festival and Flower Show are unique to Chiang Mai.
Thailand is a Buddhist Country so we also include some of the major Buddhist Festivals.

Shan - Rites of Passage - Sang Long

Wat Ku Tao in Chiang Mai was the setting for the 2011 Sang Long Festival, a Rites of Passage ceremony held annually by the Shan people from Myanmar. The Shan people of Chiang Mai, who are known in Thailand as Tai Yai, gather together for this three day festival of music, dancing and competitions which [Read More…]

Chiang Mai Flower Festival

The 35th Annual Chiang Mai Flower Festival takes place on the 4th to the 6th February 2011. Always a most colourful event, the Chiang Mai Flower Festival brings thousands of visitors to the city to enjoy the natural beauty of flowers. For many people, the highlight of the entire festival is the Floral Parade with [Read More…]

Chinese New Year Festival - Chiang Mai

The Chinese New Year Festival is the time of year when the streets of Chiang Mai are painted red and exotic animals wind and weave their way through the streets of China Town. This will be the 9th Chinese New Year Festival to be held in Chiang Mai and will take place on the 4th [Read More…]

Chiang Mai Jazz Festival

The very first Chiang Mai Jazz Festival will be held in Chiang Mai on Saturday 5th February, and will give Chiang Mai jazz lovers a great opportunity to hear some of the best jazz music around. Performing at the Chiang Mai Jazz Festival will be leading Thai and International Artists including PYU, Breakfast Wine, Peter [Read More…]

Makha Bucha - Buddhist Festival

Makha Bucha sometimes written as Makha Puja or even Magha Puja is the third most important of the five major Buddhist Festivals in Thailand and it is also a National Holiday. The Buddhist Festival of Makha Bucha is always held on the full moon of the 3rd Lunar Month which usually falls towards the end [Read More…]

Bosang Umbrella Festival - Chiang Mai

The 28th Bosang Umbrella Festival will be held in Bosang, Chiang Mai on January 21st to January 23rd. Whilst the full title of this festival is the Bosang Umbrella and Sankamphaeng Handicraft Festival it is umbrellas that dominate the festival. The Bosang Umbrella Festival is one of the most colourful of all the Chiang Mai [Read More…]

Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2010 - Chiang Mai

The Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2010 is being held at the Royal Park Ratchaphruek in Chiang Mai from 1st December 2010 until 6th February 2011. Since the inaugural Royal Flora Ratchaphruek in 2006, there has been a Royal Flora held annually in honour of H.M.The King’s birthday. Whilst the 2010 Royal Flora exhibition is not on [Read More…]

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