Chiang Mai Food

Many people are already familiar with Thai food, Thai cuisine being popular throughout the World, but not so many people know about Chiang Mai food.

Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand has its own cuisine and for Northern Thai people Chiang Mai food is more popular than the cuisine from Central Thailand. Most Thai restaurants in Chiang Mai will have a menu section for Chiang Mai food and there are also some restaurants serving only Northern Thai dishes. Among the most popular Chiang Mai food dishes are Khao Soy, a creamy coconut curry soup, Sai Ua, the Chiang Mai Sausage and several Northern Thai Curries.

Sai Ua - Chiang Mai Sausage

Sai Ua or Chiang Mai Sausage is made with minced pork, herbs, spices and Thai Red Chili Paste. Sai Ua is possibly the best known of all Chiang Mai food and extremely popular with both Thais and visitors to Chiang Mai. Most Thai people from other parts of Thailand who visit Chiang Mai will almost [Read More…]

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