Shan Temple - Wat Pa Pao - Chiang Mai

The Shan Temple, Wat Pa Pao, whilst not on the normal Chiang Mai Temple Tourist Trail, is a quite unique Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai. Not particularly old, Wat Pa Pao was built in the late 19th Century by Shan people for the Shan people and even today, Wat Pa Pao is the main community [Read More…]

Sak Yant Chiang Mai - Tao Reuan - Turtle Tattoo

The Sak Yant design Tao Reuan or Turtle tattoo is well known throughout Thailand where it is believed that the Lord Buddha, in a previous incarnation, was born as a turtle. Among the many stories concerning the Buddha’s life as a turtle, is one that describes that after a period of meditation, the turtle grew [Read More…]

Patara Elephant Farm - Chiang Mai Attractions

Chiang Mai has always had a great affinity with the Elephant and many Elephant camps can be seen around Chiang Mai. Elephant camps are among the most popular of Chiang Mai attractions, but Patara Elephant Farm is very different from most. At Patara Elephant Farm you will not find rows of tour buses or any [Read More…]

Bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok - Timetables - Fares

The Bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is the most popular way to travel for both Thais and Foreigners. Buses to Bangkok depart from the Arcade Bus Terminal in Chiang Mai. There are many different Bus Operators on the popular Chiang Mai – Bangkok route and we have included Timetables and Fares for three of [Read More…]

Bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai - Timetables - Fares

Many Thai people as well as Foreigners prefer to travel by Bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, with a traveling time of about 10 hours, somewhat faster than the Train. The Bangkok to Chiang Mai route is highly competitive and we give the Timetables and Fares for three of the most popular carriers. Most buses [Read More…]

Chiang Mai Post

A new English language newspaper, The Chiang Mai Post, was launched in Chiang Mai on the 10th April 2011. The Inaugural Issue covers the period 10th – 20th April and is priced at 30 Baht. The Chiang Mai Post is a broadsheet style newspaper with Front and Back pages only in colour. The first issue [Read More…]

Sak Yant Chiang Mai - Bua Gao Gaap

The Sak Yant design Bua Gao Gaap is the Nine petalled Lotus. Gaap is a Northern Thai word meaning petalled and this gives a clue as to the origin of the Bua Gao Gaap Sak Yant design. Bua Gao Gaap is a Lanna design from Tambol Doi Loh in Chiang Mai province. The Lotus is [Read More…]

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